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Phil Ochs

"In such an ugly time, the true protest is beauty."

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Phil Ochs was a singer/songwriter during the 1960's (variously categorized as "topical", "protest" and "folk"). He was a contemporary (and friend) of Bob Dylan. (who said: "I just can't keep up with Phil. And he's getting better and better and better.") He was a prolific writer of protest songs such as Draft Dodger Rag, I Ain't Marchin' Anymore and Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends. With his lack of hope for America, he wrote little in the 70's and battled with manic depression. Sadly, in 1976, Phil took his own life. Nearly 30 years after his death, his songs of protest still remain relevant to the events in today's world. His music, his life, and his dreams, continue to inspire new artists all over the world.