woodstockgen (woodstockgen) wrote in phil_ochs,

The Phil Ochs I wish I never met

Being a die hard Ochs fan, having also seen him several times in concerts here in NY, I feel the need to post this. Granted not everyone is as emotionally insecure as I am (hah!) but this is a fair warning.

I have been toying with the idea of writing a play about Phil and needed to get started on my research.
First off I bought "Death of a Rebel" by Marc Eliot (available through Amazon).

This damn book had me so depressed and upset that I started to look at it as if it were a sort of
anti-bible. Of course I knew Phil had many problems, hence his suicide....But I had no idea .......(I just deleted what I had just now written as it's not fair for me to rewrite from the Eliot book)

I thought I was forever ruined from ever hearing his sweet voice and words again. Somehow, only several weeks later and I can listen, enjoy and love the artist. Never the man though.
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